Nieuw bankstel

After three and a half years, we replaced the couch, which was completely worn out, with a new one. We have just made a trip to Ikea in Murcia to look around for an afternoon and our choice fell on a beautiful gray fabric seating area. Thanks to the adjustable backrest you can adjust it to your own taste. Really a wonderful couch to relax and enjoy the Dutch HD television. Also nice is that it can be extended to a double bed. In passing, we also saw a beautiful table lamp there and we even took it with us.

New on our website is "beaches close by" and can of course be found under the heading environment. We have already designated three beaches and want to expand this further in the coming period.

Since 3 May 2018 we have had a carport installed at the front door. First of all, it is so much nicer not to have to get into a very hot car if you want to leave. The second reason for deciding to do this is the fact that in the event of excessive rainfall, rainwater came in under the front door. This will be a thing of the past with this new carport.

New Sun-Protection for our Casa

Today, Toldos Guadamar  have installed beautiful automatic electrical sun-protection at our Casa Wishenjoy. The sometimes excessive sunshine will be easily put out of order beyond the seating area on the main deck. With a remote control on the wall you can shut down the sun easily by simply pushing the button. You than can enjoy the sultry wind. Should there be too much wind it is better to close the blinds.
Of course, there is  plenty of room around the house to enjoy the sun.

Changes in the livingroom


In the livingroom we only had LED-lighting, so it was too much light or no light at all. We have solved that problem in our holiday last june, with a standing lamp behind the sofa and a table lamp next to the television. That gives the livin more atmosphere. We also have hung up a clock above the TV for the convenience and to create more ambience.

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