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We are Fia and Paul Wisse and we are the proud owners of this stylish luxe villa Casa Wishenjoy. We have been in Spain for several years to find a nice house with private pool and a stunning view. In the existing sector we could not find what we genuinely liked until we came in contact, with this modern construction. With the design that we have further developed together with an architect, we went looking for a nice lot of 500 square meters. The construction has started late May 2013 and at breakneck speed, there soon was an imposing building. They managed to finish our casa in the same year so we could celebrate Christmas 2013 in our new home.

We ourselves are going to Spain regularly to enjoy our luxe holiday house and the comfortable Spanish climate. When you’re the proud owner of such a great villa, you would like to share it with other people. We think it’s also nice to have you as a guest in our home. We hope you’ll enjoy the house just as much as we do, however we do assume that if you rent our house you will also deal with it in a respectful manner, and that you will leave it clean and decend behind. Enjoy Wishenjoy to the fullest and treat the house as your own home.

Our best regards,

Fia and Paul

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